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6 Super Seeds to Add to Your Diet

Hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds – these are the new super foods and current talk of the town! These tiny but mighty seeds offer a wide range of essential nutrients for our bodies. 

Firstly, they are very rich in fiber which aids with weight loss and digestion. They are a great source of protein, minerals, antioxidants and heart healthy oils. Studies have shown that incorporating these life-enhancing seeds to your diet decreases your risk of unpleasant diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases.


This blog was written by Angela Azar , US registered dietitian and personal trainer and  at Healthy Happy Us and edited by Baraa Sabbagh, US registered dietitian nutritionist, sports dietitian, personal trainer at Healthy Happy Us, a nutrition and exercise diet center in Lebanon.

1- The Powerful Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are known as the runner’s favorite as they boost your energy and enhance your metabolism. They are also rich in proteins and help build lean muscle mass and maintain blood sugars. One of the most interesting properties of chia seeds is its gelatinous texture when soaked in water which makes it a perfect ingredient to add to your puddings!

How to add them to your diet:

·         Check out this chia seed pudding recipe for an energy boosting breakfast

·         Sprinkle chia seeds over your chicken and salads

2- The Great Hemp Seed

Did you know that hemp seeds are one of natures greatest source of plant based proteins? One tablespoon of hemp seeds offer 40 calories and 5.3g of proteins. These protein powerhouse seeds are filled with all the essential amino acids and make the perfect post workout vegan protein shake.


How to add them to your diet:

·         Blend up some hemp protein powder with a small banana and berries

·         Mix them up with your salad sauces

3- The Influential Flax Seeds

Did you know that flax seeds can be used as an egg substitute in baking? Mix ground flax seed in water and whisk them together. After that place them in the fridge for around 15 minutes and use it instead of eggs in baking! It’s also known to be the best plant-based source for omega-3. Two tablespoons of flax seed have 1.6 g of omega-3 which is more than your daily needs of omega-3!


How to add them to your diet:

Tip! Make sure to use ground flax seeds to obtain the nutrients that it offers.

  • There’s always room for ground flaxseeds in your shakes
  • Mix them with yogurt and a teaspoon of natural honey

4- The Mighty Pumpkin Seeds

Don’t throw away your pumpkin seeds! These anti-cancer seeds have a nutty and sweet flavor moreover they are a great source of nutrients and especially proteins.


How to add them to your meals:

·         Garnish your salad with some pumpkin seeds

·         Chop’em up and them to your cereals and muffins recipes


5- The Marvelous Sunflower

Sunflower seeds are a superb source of vitamin E which is the body’s primary anti-oxidant. They are also known to relax your muscles and make you feel more at ease.


How to add them to your daily meals:

·         Avoid the sunflower seeds that have been salted and processed, it’s much healthier to have them raw and unsalted.

·         Top your salads and puddings with sunflower seeds.

6- The Supreme Sesame Seeds

Did you know that tahini, one of the most famous Middle Eastern cuisine sauces is made from sesame seeds? Sesame seeds are notably high in heart healthy oils and have a pleasant nutty flavor. In addition, they are packed with cholesterol fighting fibers called lignin which also helps lower blood pressure.


How to add them to your diet

·         Use tahini instead of butter in your sauces and dressings

·         Sprinkle sesame seeds on top of your salad, baked potato and in your soups

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