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How Carbs Help you Lose Weight!

Low carbs diet, no carbs for dinner, no carbs after workout, we’ve heard it all! Carbs have had a bad reputation the past years and thought to be the reason of weight gain.

So is it a myth or a fact?!

Well, the truth is that carbs can help you lose weight! The only reason someone gains weight is when they eat more than their body needs, whether it was carbs, protein or fats!

Also, recent studies have shown that a diet that contains 55% of carbs helps us live longer!

In this blog post i will explain to you how carbs will help you lose weight and become your best-friend ;) ! 

Let’s get one thing straight though: Healthy carbs VS refined carbs

Refined carbs are white breads& pastas, candies& sweets. They give us a rapid form of energy however we tend to feel hungry again very soon. They also cause your blood sugar to spike so your body produces extra insulin to compensate. Insulin is known to be a fat storage hormone therefore in this situation it converts the carbs into fat and stores them.

Healthy carbs are ones that are whole grain such as brown rice, quinoa, wholegrain bread, oats, etc… These carbs are higher in vitamins, minerals, nutrients & fibers that are essential for you. Moreover they take longer to digest compared to refined carbs so, they don't cause that spike in blood sugar as refined carbs would.

Bottom line is we should avoid refined carbs as they may contribute to weight gain (& fat storage) but we should have whole grains everyday! And below is why.

Why do healthy carbs aid weight loss?!

Reason #1: They get you fuller!

Healthy carbs AKA whole grains are very high in fiber & fiber isn’t digested quickly therefore giving us the feeling of fullness for a longer time compared to a meal that lacks this fiber element. Therefore, we tend to snack less & have smaller meals.

Reason #2: You crave less sugar.

An obvious sign that your body is lacking carbs is when you have a constant craving for sugars! This is because your brain needs glucose and we are not supplying it. Therefore,you may end up binging on the unhealthy carbs such as sweets to get a fast dose of glucose.

Reason #3: They give us energy to exercise better.

Another reason is that carbs is our PRIMARY energy source;it is broken down in food which supplies our muscles and brain energy. So, without carbs we are going to be less energetic and active hence we burn fewer calories through activity.


A message to the athlete who avoids carbs: Did you know that you need glucose (the broken element of carbs) to burn fat during a workout? Its science speaking here! Also, you need carbs pre AND post workout.

Pre-workout: you should have 20-30g before an intense workout to be able to go through it with full energy.

Post workout: As your glucose stores are depleted they need to be replenished for your next workout. Also, carbs contain important nutrients for recovery and aids protein with muscle growth.

What is your favourite whole grain carbs recipe?! Comment below! 

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