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Set Goals That Make YOU Jump!

“New year, new me” that's one phrase that never dies out! With the beginning of the year a lot of reflecting and goal setting occurs and I’m sure you all have your resolutions said or your goals written somewhere on a scrap paper that is already somewhere under your pile of mess.

Setting goals is an awesome way to give yourself direction, focus & motivation, when done correctly. So why is it that people ONLY get excited the first few weeks or even just a couple of days?

What we’ve noticed is that a lot of the times people fall in the trap of setting unrealistic goals! They aim for short term PERFECTION! They only see the gold medal at the end of the race rather than the endless trainings, sweat and effort put into the journey. It’s a matter of perspective!

So, keep reading to find out our top tips for setting successful GOALS!

Three steps to effective goal setting!


The 1st step which can be pretty obvious but tricky is defining what you want! We can all get caught up in wanting big things and end up with a list of 10 goals, but this will only overwhelm us. Press pause on less important things in your life and reorganize your priorities. So, choose one or two goals and focus your energy & attention on it and you’ll see the progress roll!


Break down your goals into objectives in order to carry out certain habits. Take this sentence as a template: I will [habit] on [day] at [time] in [Place]. For example: I will go to the gym on Tuesday at 11:00 am in the gym next to my place. Or I will think one positive thought every day in the morning before I have my morning coffee at home.


Set up an environment aligned with your goal, it’ll make your life much simpler! For example, you want to start meal prepping, fill your kitchen with the utensils and ingredients you need for the week. You want to go to the gym more often? Join a gym close to your home or work, or even get a few equipment and make your own home gym!


Seek support if you need to! Talk to a trusted friend or family member about your goals. Get help from a professional whether it was a health coach, nutritionist or fitness instructor! (Tap the links to know more about the services we provide!)

How our programs will help you in your HEALTH goals!

So, whether you are interested in fast simple recipes, the best out of nutrition and exercise, we have it ALL!

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With our support we will help you develop realistic goals and step by step lead you into a healthy happy lifestyle!


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If your goal is to be fit, healthy & energetic in 2019 this program is FOR YOU!

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 A final word:
We love supporting you guys to reach the goals that you want and that will make you feel happy. Join our supportive community and we'll be happy to have YOU a member of our HHU family! 

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