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Become an expert at leading a healthy lifestyle by attending an interactive nutrition workshop with one of our handpicked experts.

In our Healthy Happy Us Center in the heart of Beirut, Lebanon, we offer nutrition workshops for nutrition experts and anyone wishing to improve their health and well-being. We host evidence-based nutrition workshops targeted to dietitians and nutrition students wishing to expand their knowledge and develop their practical skills in a more personal and interactive setting.

We are also famous for our creative nutrition workshops attended by anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge and skills to reach their personal nutrition and fitness goals. We believe in providing you with the enough knowledge for you to make your own healthy decisions. Join one of our many interactive nutrition related workshops that guarantee long lasting results.

Our nutrition related workshops tackle the following topics as well as many others:

  1. Sports nutrition 
  2. Healthy desserts 
  3. Mindful eating
  4. Eating disorders
  5. Toddler feeding 
  6. Nutrition during pregnancy
  7. Preparing for breastfeeding 
  8. Healthy Delicious Cooking Techniques


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