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Build a Healthy Relationship with Food Workshop

Build a Healthy Relationship with Food Workshop

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Do you ever feel guilty after you overeat? Do you punish yourself if you didn’t stick to your diet? Did you go very restrictive diets and then gained all the weight back? Do you feel stressed and restricted when you’re watching what you eat? Do you have a love hate relationship with food? 

There’s a very thin between taking care of your body and nutrition and obsessing over calories and restricting yourself. 

Deprivation and restriction are never the answer to reach your health goal, building a healthy relationship with food is! 

Based on my personal experience with seeing clients over the past 4 years, the best way to reach your nutrition goals is by building a healthy relationship with food. That’s why I am designing this workshop to make it easy and practical to go on this journey. 

During this workshop we will cover: 
- How to identify an unhealthy relationship with food 
- What are its consequences? 
- The pillars of a healthy relationship with food 
- Case studies 

It’s never too late to build a positive and healthy relationship with food. Join Rola Ghaddar US registered dietitian and certified health coach in this 3 hours workshop to change your perspective on healthy eating.

Event details:
--> This workshop is for dietitians and health professionals
--> Certificates of attendance will be awarded
--> It is 4 hours long and healthy refreshments and snacks will be served
--> Price: 80$ per person (paid at Healthy Happy Us Center – Verdun Plaza 1 prior to the workshop)
--> US Registered Dietitians can gain 4 Continuing Professional Education points from the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

Seats are limited, register now by contacting Healthy Happy Us on 76 031 638 or via email: