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Flow with Your Cycle

Flow with Your Cycle

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Do you ever wonder why you're feeling low on energy one day and the next day you feel super energetic?

Why you switch between being introverted and extroverted?

Why your cravings, mood, hair, skin, mental clarity and digestion change throughout the month? ⁣
A lot of times we blame ourselves and fight our feelings, when actually it is a chemical and physiological situation that is called HORMONES. ⁣
When you're aware of what's happening in your cycle, you can flow with it, give it the right nourishment and exercise and manage your stress and cravings.⁣
Join Nawar Kamona, a nutritionist, bio-regulatory medicine and naturopathic practitioner to learn how to FLOW better with your cycle. ⁣

She will be discussing:⁣
- Hormones⁣
- The 4 phases of your cycle ⁣
- The kind of foods that are better in each part of the cycle ⁣
- The supplements you can and cannot take ⁣
- The best time to schedule that important meeting or date⁣

Event details:
-> Certificates of attendance will be awarded.
-> It is 2 hours long + Q & A
-> Price: $40 per person (paid at Healthy Happy Us Center – Verdun Plaza 1 prior to the workshop)

Seats are limited – Register now by contacting Healthy Happy Us on 01788425 or via email: