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Healthy Desserts Workshop

Healthy Desserts Workshop

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Come and learn how to enjoy delicious sweets and treats while maintaining a healthy lifestyle! 

There are plenty of ways you can substitute lower-calorie and more nutrient rich ingredients and still create delicious and healthy treats.

Join us in this healthy cooking workshop where we will reveal our favorite tips and tricks that make delicious desserts lighter, rich in nutrients and flavorful.

Some topics that will be covered during the workshop:
• How to bake delicious sweet treats without refined sugars
• How to prepare a healthy take on cake frosting
• How to make healthier versions of baked desserts
• How to use vegan alternatives to milk, eggs and butter

Event details:
--> Certificates of attendance will be awarded
--> Price: $65 per person (paid at Healthy Happy Us Center – Verdun Plaza 1 prior to the workshop) 
--> Provider: Rola Ghaddar, US Registered Dietitian & Certified Health Coach

& GUESS WHAT? You'll be getting our famous healthy desserts booklet at the end of the workshop! 

Seats are limited, register now by contacting Healthy Happy Us on 76031638 or 01788425 or via email: