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Mindful Eating Workshop

Mindful Eating Workshop

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How’s your relationship with food? What are the reasons you’re eating? When do you eat? Is it because you’re hungry? Or is it because you’re stressed, anxious, sad or lonely? Come and discover the reasons your mind and body are responding to food with a comforting setting and a guaranteed understanding of your emotional cues.

Our culture has become obsessed with body image and diets and eating is becoming more and more mindless, consuming and guilt-inducing! Through this workshop you will learn more about the concept of “Mindful Eating” to build a healthier and happier relationship with food. 

You will also learn how to: 
• Be more aware of your physical and emotional cues
• Identify your non-hunger triggers for eating
• Learn to meet your other needs in more effective ways than eating
• Choose food for both enjoyment and nourishment
• Eat for optimal satisfaction and satiety

Event details: 
--> Certificates of attendance will be awarded
--> Price: $50 per person (paid at Healthy Happy Us Center – Verdun Plaza 1 prior to the workshop)
--> Provider: Rola Ghaddar, US Registered Dietitian & Certified Health Coach 
--> US Registered Dietitians can gain 4 Continuing Professional Education points from the Commission on Dietetic Registration by attending each workshop!

Seats are limited, register now by contacting Healthy Happy Us on 76031638 or 01788425 or via email: