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Nutrition 6-12 month: The truth about solids

Nutrition 6-12 month: The truth about solids

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Nowadays it seems like every parenting decision is an internal struggle. So many opinions and so much confusion. Mirna Sabbagh, Dietitian and Lactation Consultant will share with you the summary of her research on what are the best things to give children and why. She will share with you what she has done with her own son, who is now 3 and eats a variety of food and bigger portions than his dad and has the ideal weight for his height and age. Which is the case also for all the children who have started solids with her guidelines in Dubai and in Lebanon. What will be covered?

1. 4 or 6 months? When is the best time to start?
2. What are the foods to start with and how to cook them?
3. How much is a child expected to eat at this age?
4. Baby Led Weaning? Self Feeding? Spoon feeding? Who should be doing the feeding? 
5. Canned, frozen, organic, or fresh or a mix? Does it really matter?

You will leave the workshop with a daily feeding plan for every day for the first 2 months that you start.

Event details:
--> Certificates of attendance will be awarded
--> Price: $100 per person (paid at Healthy Happy Us Center – Verdun Plaza 1 prior to the workshop)
--> Provider: Mirna Sabbagh, A nutritionist/Dietitian and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

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