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About Rola

I am not only a dietitian; I am a health coach as well. Your mental health matters to me. I don't believe in rules, right and wrong. I believe each of you is unique and I'm here to guide you to discover your own kind of balance.

A Bit More on How I Started

I earned my BS degree in Nutrition & Dietetics at the American University of Beirut. I was trained at the only American recognized and accredited  program ACEND  in the Middle East at AUBMC.

I first started this company in 2015 with two hard working co-founders Baraa El Sabbagh & Nadeen Haidar. Check out what they're up to now through these links.

After they both moved out of Lebanon, I embarked on this journey on my own. My enthusiasm and passion for intuitive eating, body positivity and building a healthy relationship with food were growing more and more throughout the years.

I am a true believer that a healthy body starts with a healthy mind and after a few years of experience in nutrition counseling I decided to study health coaching. In 2017 I earned my health coaching certificate from the National Society of Health Coaches.


Since then I have helped hundreds of clients get rid of food obsession, anxiety, negative body image and unhealthy relationship with food.

How Is My Approach Different? 

  • Personalized 
  • Client-centered 
  • Positive 
  • No strict food rules 
  • Intuitive eating principles 
  • Mindset work 
  • No failure, just lessons 

Click below on some of my client’s testimonials:

  • Nadine was able to lose weight effortlessly and maintain it after years of yo-yo dieting. 
  • Nathalia embraced her body and learned how to love herself and her food.
  • Marianne discovered a healthy lifestyle that made her feel awesome after years of fad and restrictive dieting. 

How Can We Meet?

You can contact me through e-mail on, through this phone number 76031638 or just send me your WhatsApp number and my lovely assistant Farah will do the rest 😉 I offer in person consults at Healthy Happy Us center in Beirut, Lebanon as well as online consults all over the world.

 Who Else Is Supporting You?

I have an amazing team and support system behind Healthy Happy Us:

Farah Ghazzawi, Assistant, always ready to give you her best answer to all your inqueries.

Nu Yu Medi Spa, Leading Cosmetic Dermatology center that we work hand-in-hand with in getting you the latest treatments to feel your best.

& a huge amount of community, family love and loyal customers keeping us going strong to deliver the best we have for you!